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Founded in 1999 by a team of experts in media-on-demand and video-over-IP technology, Streaming21 is a private company headquartered in the Silicon Valley with offices in Asia/Pacific and Europe. Its award-winning broadcast and media-on-demand software solutions are used by telcos and other broadband service providers to deliver broadcast-quality video and audio over IP networks. Rich-media applications such as video-on-demand, pay-per-view movies, and live broadcasting can now be deployed on high-speed networks with carrier-class scalability and 24/7 reliability.

Built upon a revolutionary architecture, for which nine patents have been filed, Streaming21 solutions enable the deployment of rich-media services with advanced functions such as:

  • Automatic failover to quickly and transparently restore services should an interruption occur — without disrupting the end-user experience
  • Load balancing to maintain peak performance at all times by distributing the service load across multiple servers, clusters of servers, or network segments
  • Integrated system management to support 24/7 operations and on-line maintenance
  • Carrier-class scalability to dynamically support increasing numbers of users and services
  • Real-time tracking of performance, usage, and transactions to deliver accurate billing information

Streaming21 services are easy to deploy, expand and maintain, and make use of off-the-shelf hardware to lower the total cost of deployment. The software is optimized to support more users and media files with less servers and personnel, and makes use of distributed multi-server clusters to significantly reduce the amount of media storage required.

At the heart of the award-winning software solutions is the Streaming Media Platform, which provides the required infrastructure for distributed, managed solutions including:

  • IP Broadcasting Solutions
  • Media-on-Demand Solutions
  • Service Provider Solutions
  • Developer Solutions
  • Professional Services Solutions


Current Press Releases:

February 15, 2011 Streaming21 Launches Media Relay Server 2.5 for Android Devices, iPhone, and iPad in addition to IPTV Set-top Box

August 29, 2008 Streaming21 & Microsoft Head to Japan with Windows Home Server

June 02, 2008 Experiencing "Seamless Digital Home Solution" with Streaming21 and Microsoft at Computex Taipei 2008

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