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Streaming21’s award-winning Media-On-Demand (MOD) solution for IP networks centers around the high performance Media Server component, providing a full suite of functionality for delivering interactive, on-demand pre-recorded audio and video to hundreds of thousands of users over IP networks. On-demand audio and video are delivered with exceptional broadcast quality and low latency playback, resulting in a dynamic viewing experience that exceeds the quality of conventional broadcasting.

The fully integrated solution offers CODEC independence, concurrent delivery of all major ISO and industry-standard digital media formats, scheduled content distribution, load balancing, automatic failover, and integrated remote management supporting the synchronization and replication of rich media assets across multiple distributed server groups. Streaming21’s media-on-demand services can be accessed via a variety of devices, including personal computers, TVs equipped with set-top boxes, and wireless handheld devices.


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Media-On-Demand Access–Video and Music
Media-on-demand — video programming and MP3 music that are available to audiences at their leisure — has always been a powerful driving concept for the entertainment industry. For leading-edge enterprises whose top priorities are content collaboration, corporate communications, and training, the promise of on-demand access to corporate information and communications from anywhere and at anytime has become even more attractive. Now, with Media Server and MP3 Server, movies, training material, music, and more can be made available to thousands of concurrent users from any location.

Streaming21’s media-on-demand solution delivers broadcast-quality, full-screen, 30-frames-per-second video and CD-quality audio. It is the only fully integrated solution offering CODEC-independent, broadband-optimized delivery for pre-recorded media. This media-on-demand solution is not tied to any individual encoder format; so multiple media formats, for example MPEG-1, MPEG-2, ASF, and more, are supported on each server concurrently. The same server will concurrently stream multiple programs simultaneously to different viewers, even though the video programs may actually be encoded in different formats and with varying compression rates.

Streaming21’s media-on-demand solution supports all major ISO and industry-standard digital media CODECs, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3, AVI, ASF, WMV, DAT, HDTV, ATSC and eCinema. CODEC independence and media format flexibility ensure that you will be able to take advantage of many existing high-quality digital media and accommodate the needs of a majority of users. They also allow you to tailor your service to accommodate various delivery methods and networks to best serve your audience.

Scheduled Content Distribution
Media Server can locally archive live broadcasts originating from Media Caster and distribute content to the location nearest to the viewer either manually under operator control, or according to a distribution schedule. Integrated remote management controls provide the means to transfer and store content files at the proper Media or MP3 Server for optimal performance. Deployed independently or integrated with other third-party Content Distribution Networks, Streaming21’s media-on-demand solution supports the synchronization and replication of rich media assets across multiple, distributed server groups and co-location facilities.

Multi-Server Clustering
The media-on-demand solution supports the clustering of multiple Media or MP3 Servers. This allows multiple independent servers to operate as a single logical unit for on-demand delivery with shared storage, fault tolerance, and load balancing.

The multi-server implementation (the cluster) provides increased capacity and the flexibility to rapidly scale the system capacity when needed. It also reduces the amount of storage capacity needed, eliminates the need for replication of data, and simplifies the management of media files, thus reducing the total cost of the solution to a fraction of what it might otherwise be. The solution is made possible by Streaming21’s patent-pending, real-time Shared Streaming File System, which provides data sharing and high performance storage access far beyond that of conventional storage systems. Depending on system configuration, each cluster can support from several hundred to several thousand concurrent streams at a nominal 3.0 Mbps per stream.

Unmatched Scalability
As the number of users on the network grows and your operation expands geographically, Streaming21’s media-on-demand solution lets you deploy multiple Media Server Clusters to support ever-growing numbers of users. Media and MP3 Server Clusters can be distributed within a single facility, or to geographically dispersed locations, allowing you to place Servers close to viewers to minimize the load on the backbone network. Multiple distributed server clusters ensure efficient use of the network, unparalleled streaming service quality, infinite scalability and full network control.

Load Balancing
As the number of users increases, so does the burden associated with high traffic on each individual server. Some servers can be forced to bear more of a burden than others. To continuously optimize the use of each server and the network, Streaming21’s solution provides the ability to distribute the service load across multiple servers or network segments. This function, critical to maintaining peak network performance, is carried out by Media Director.

Media Director allocates users to Media and MP3 Servers, both statically and during run time; this ensures that optimal performance is achieved and maintained. Media Director has the intelligence to determine the capacity, loading, and current status of all servers. Based on this knowledge it automatically directs each user to the appropriate server. The operator only needs to specify the parameters under which Media Director will operate, in real time.

Automatic Failover
Another major function provided by Streaming21’s media-on-demand solution is automatic failover. If, during periods of heavy demand, a facility reaches capacity, experiences network interruptions or otherwise become unavailable, Media Director automatically and transparently redirects viewers to other Media and MP3 Servers. Playback is seamlessly resumed without loss of service, providing users with a high quality experience.

Comprehensive Management Capabilities
File management, user authentication, system configuration, access control, and network performance tracking are all performed within a streamlined, intuitive interface. Streaming21’s Media Manager provides a remote management interface that turns any java-enabled PC into a management platform from which scheduling, delivery, tracking, billing and transaction management for all Media Servers and Media Casters on the network can be performed. Built-in SNMP, ODBC, and LDAP provide support for the management needs of today’s networks. Detailed access records are logged using a database to provide billing transactions as well as performance and usage analysis. Locally or remotely, you have total control and instant access to the servers on your network— at anytime.

Media Caster and Media Server built-in support for SNMP, the standard network management protocol, enables any management console such as HP’s OpenView to remotely monitor and control a complex media-on-demand environment.

Business Application Examples
Value-added services can be readily integrated and deployed in time frames typically driven by today’s business models including:

  Enterprise & Small Business   Carrier/Hospitality
  Education/e-Learning   Pay-Per-View Services
  Web-based e-Learning   Video-on-Demand
  Employee Training   Karaoke-on-Demand
  Video eMail Solutions   Music-on-Demand
  Rich Media Marketing   Electronic Program Guides
  Web-based on-demand video   Kiosks
  Content Collaboration   Virtual Jukeboxes
Video eMail Services
      Virtual Tours
      Hosted Enterprise Services


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